Pre-Purchase Bushfire Inspections

Our pre-purchase Bushfire Inspections are aimed to provide guidance to prospective property purchasers in circumstances where the property is designated bushfire prone land.

Our advice is specific to the site and may include issues such as boundary setbacks, asset protection zones, access, likely construction standards and the potential for alternate solutions to achieve compliance with Planning for Bushfire Protection and Australian Standard 3959.

Some people have purchased bushfire prone property without investigating the implications posed by Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006 which has resulted in disappointment when it is later determined that a building cannot be constructed in the desired location or certain development types are prohibited as a result of bushfire legislation.

To avoid this disappointment and to have confidence that the property you are looking at purchasing will support your development dreams. Bushfire Certifiers can undertake an inspection of the property and provide you with a concise report outlining the likely bushfire requirements. The report will provide sufficient information for you to determine whether bushfire requirements will adversely impact the future development.