BAL Assessment Certificates

Bushfire Certifiers are recognised within the current planning legislation as competent to assess and provide Bushfire Attack Level Certificates (BAL Certificates) to meet the relevant provisions of Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006 and AS 3959-2009

A BAL Certificate is required for complying development in New South Wales and involves an inspection of the subject site and the hazard that potentially impacts that site. The BAL certificate when issued will certify that the proposed development will not be within the thresholds of BAL Flame Zone or BAL 40 pursuant to AS 3959-2009.

The inspection for a BAL Certificate can also be used to provide a report that outlines compliance with Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006. This report extends to the assessment of access, water supply, utilities and siting of the development. Complying development legislation requires full compliance with Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006. Engaging  Bushfire Certifiers early in the planning process will ensure that reporting is accurate and timely avoiding costly delays.